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Episode 1 - Dig Me Up

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

In 2002, two teenage girls went missing from their Oregon City bus stop within two months of each other. As the girls' families start pointing fingers toward neighbor Ward Weaver III, the case grips the nation.

The Missing Girls

Palate Cleanser

Man chokes girlfriend with Dreads



Killer Family - The Weavers


Great Crimes And Trials A Family Man And A Killer


Ward Weaver Case: The Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis Murders

Charles Montaldo

Ashley Pond Biography

Charles Montaldo

The Disappearance of Miranda Gaddis

Charles Montaldo

Murder suspect Francis Weaver's family history spans four generations of violence

Noelle Cromby

Ward Weaver III lived a life of cruelty and rage, reportedly raped son's fiancee

Noelle Cromby

Missing: The Oregon City Girls: A Shocking True Story of Abduction and Murder

Linda O'Neal, Philip Tennyson, Rick Watson

New Horizon Press

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