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Ep. 102 & 103 The Cline Falls Axe Attack

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Part 1: "Leave Us Alone"

The 1970s was a decade where women lobbied and protested and people enjoyed the fashion and musical freedom the decade could offer. More than ever, women were going to college and breaking into careers that used to be solely for men, trying new things, and even going on new adventures. In 1977 two Yale University coeds embarked on the adventure of a lifetime when they decided to dedicate their summer to cycling the TransAmerica Trail. Terri Jentz and Avra Goldman had no idea that when they kicked off their trip in the beautifully scenic Oregon, that they would be stepping into a nightmare. Today, we’ll be discussing the infamous case of the Cline Falls Axe Attack.

Part 2: "The Hatchet Man"

In last week’s episode “Leave Us Alone” we discussed the Cline Falls Axe Attack from 1977. College students Terri Jentz and Avra Goldman were in Oregon starting their summer cycling trip across the TransAmerica trail. A few days into their trip they were attacked while camping in Cline Falls State Park. The attacker drove his vehicle to the women’s tent, got out, and hacked at the girls with a hatchet. Miraculously, both women survived. After three years, the case was essentially closed and no one was arrested. Unfortunately, due to the statute of limitations, the Cline Falls Axe attacker would never pay for his crimes. Victim and advocate, Terri Jentz, decided that 15 years later, she wanted to solve her own case. In today’s episode, we explore the journey Terri took interviewing witnesses, gathering clues, and discovering who The Hatchet man was.

Terri Jentz, photos from Yogababycandice, Goodreads, New York Times

Avra Goldman, photos from The Boston Globe

Cline Falls State Park, images from Google, whattodoinsouthernoregon, The New York Times, and Strange Piece of Paradise

Path of the truck that ran over the tent, photo from Strange Piece of Paradise
Tire tread and description from detective notes, Strange Piece of Paradise

Richard Wayne "Bud" Godwin, Department of Corrections

For anyone who wasn't sure if it was true, I dug up a picture of Alisha's shirt from the Sister's Rodeo. A true classic.

Strange Piece of Paradise by Terri Jentz

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