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Ep. 100 A Private Hell

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

"By nightfall, the buildings were burning; the commissary had been looted, blankets and bedding were brought to the yard by the inmates. Small make-shift tents sprang up. Convicts were seen eating fresh bread by the loaf, and sheet cakes by the dozen. They drank milk by the gallon and cooked meat and steaks over large bonfires built from the wreckage of the prison. The loud strains of steel guitars played in the background as a night of destruction…occurred. There were many assaults, several knifings, and total destruction of property. Taunting profanities were thrown at the guards whom they knew could not take action." This is the story of the 1968 Oregon Penitentiary Riot.

Photos taken after the riot, Oregon History Project

John T Sipes, Capital Journal

Warden Gladden, Capital Journal

Lt Ralph Pribble front, officer Charles Laudette, right, officer William Lowery, left, and Sgt. Lloyd Hamby, center, Capital Journal


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