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Ep. 104 Father Frank

Updated: Jun 27

In the episode “Nowhere to be Found” we told the stories of Wallace Guidroz and Lenoria Jones, two toddlers who disappeared while in the care of and possibly at the hands of their guardians. Today, We have two more stories regarding missing children whose cases have never been solved. First, Teekah Lewis, a two-year-old who was abducted during a family night out over 20 years ago. Next, Shausha Henson and Shaina Kirkpatrick, two babies who left home with their mother on a road trip and haven’t been seen since. The families of these children still hold out hope their babies will be returned, so let’s get to the details because you never know what you might know about a case that could help bring their abductors to justice and answer the always present question “What happened to them?”

Teekah Latres Lewis

Shausha Latine Henson

Shaina Ashley Kirkpatrick

Lewis Case

The Charley Project - Teekah Latres Lewis | The News Tribune - 01.23.2008 Can videos, photos help track cold case | The News Tribune - Vigil will mark 19 years | The News Tribune - 01.26.2020 New Lead | The News Tribune - 02.25.1999 Prayers, Psychics, Legwork | The News Tribune - 03.20.2012 Show to tell story | Teekah Lewis: 21 years later, witness account could be key to solving case of missing girl

Kirkpatrick and Henson Case

Wikipedia - Disappearances of Shaina Kirkpatrick and Shausha Henson | The Charley Project - Shaina Ashly Kirkpatrick | Los Angeles Times - 3 Killings Deepen the Mystery of 2 Missing Children | The Democrat Herald - 04.24.2001 Boyfriend says he questioned wisdom of trip | Portage Daily Register - 04.27.2001 Couple Commit Suicide | The Columbian - 04.25.2001 Strange Circumstances | Google Group - Father of missing kids won't give up hope (Kimyala murder) | The Naples Daily News - 04.26.2001 Mayer | News Press - 04.24.2001 Police hope woman can shed light | 9 Things You Should Know About Modern Satanism | Collier-Seminole State Park | Bonita Daily News- No Trace of Missing Woman and Children Despite Several Tips | Naples Daily News- Gunshot Victims Were Satanists, Ex-Wife Says | St. Joseph News-Press- 2 Die In Florida Shooting; 3 Missing | Reno-Gazette Journal- Dad Holds Out Hope For Kids | Democrat Herald - Missing Oregon woman found dead in Nevada, police say | The Tampa Tribune - Oregon Mother, Children Missing | Reno Gazette-Journal- A Year Of Murder Mysteries | Shausha Latine Henson – The Charley Project | 3 Killings Deepen the Mystery of 2 Missing Children - Los Angeles Times | The World - Police Rule Missouri Couple's Death a Murder-Suicide | St. Petersburg Times - Fugitive, Friend, Used Missing Woman's ID | The Herald - Officials: Man Killed Woman Then Self | The Columbian - Strange Circumstances Cloud Disappearance

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