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Ep. 107 A Bad Deal

Updated: Jun 27

In the days before April 27th, our instagram, along with others, were posting phone numbers and information about how to contact Texas’ Gov. Abbot, requesting he grant clemency to Melissa Lucio- a woman who was set to be put to death. The outcry and calls worked and her life has, thus far, been spared. There’s additional good news- not only will she not be murdered by the state, but her appeals are being reviewed which could lead to a new trial and possible release! So, before her next hearing, let's take a look back at her case to understand why there was such an outcry surrounding her possible death and what chance she may have of being cleared of all wrong-doing.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Melissa Lucio

Photos courtesy of: The independent, NBC News, NPR, Workers World, WSWS, El PAIS, and Crazum.

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Hulu - “The State of Texas vs. Melissa” | Melissa Lucio: Courts will look at these 4 claims to help decide if she gets a new trial or stays on death row - CNN | Valley Morning Star - 05.10.2014 Captured | Melissa Lucio: 10 Facts You Should Know About This Innocent Woman Facing Execution | Melissa Lucio - Wikipedia | What's Next for Melissa Lucio, Texas Woman on Death Row | Should Melissa Lucio be saved execution for killing her kid, as Kim K. claims?

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