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Ep. 108 Blood Drenched Disorder

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In this week’s episode, Josh shares the story of Mabel Monohan. When 64 year old Mable answered the rapid knock on her front door from a woman calling for help, she had no idea the nefarious plan the strangers on the other side of the door had planned. Two days later, on March 11th, 1953, Mabel’s gardener would find her dead in her ransacked Burbank, California house.

Left to right: Mable Monohan, Mable's home, George and Mable's grave, photos from Los Angeles Magazine and Findagrave

Upper left to right: Jack Santo/Emmett Perkins/Barbara Graham, Emmett Perkins, Jack Santo

Lower left to right: Barbara Graham, Baxter Short

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