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Ep. 187 Crime & Updates 6

It’s the Murder in the Rain update episode! This is a time for us to give you updates on the cases we cover, share notable news stories and more! This week, you can expect to hear about…

  • Patreon Shoutouts! A run down of the many Sean “Diddy” Combs allegations

  • Update on the “Portland Jogger Rapist” survivors Tiffany Edens and Danielle Tudor from our episode “Unprecedented”

  • Speaker Announcements for the first annual True Crime Fest NW

  • Update on Amanda Jo Stott-Smith from our episode “Help Me” (located on YouTube and Patreon)

  • Update on the case of Sara Zghoul from our episode “Trunks” (located on YouTube and Patreon)

  • Update on our episode “Cosmic Coincidence”, DNA strikes again! (located on YouTube and Patreon)

  • Reminders on where you can meet Murder in the Rain in person

Episode "Unprecedented" | Episode Blog

Join us this year at True Crime Fest Northwest in Portland, Oregon August 30th-Sept 1st. You can get your tickets at!

Episode "Help Me" | Episode Blog

Episode "Trunks" | Episode Blog

Episode "Cosmic Coincidence" | Episode Blog

If you’d like more episodes of Murder in the Rain, Patreon members at the $5/mo+ level, gain access to exclusive episodes, ad-free episodes, bonus content, and more.

Join us this year at CrimeCon in Nashville, TN May 31st-June 2nd! Tickets can be purchased at

Join us this year at the True Crime and Paranormal Podcast Festival July 12th-14th in Denver Colorado! Don’t forget to use our code RAIN15 to get 15% off of your tickets. It’s a great time to connect with podcasts as well as families impacted by the cases we discuss. We had a blast last year and we think you will too. 

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