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Ep. 109 Blood Brothers

Updated: Jun 27

Many neighbors reflected that the Bever family kept to themselves and never really mingled with any of the people in the neighborhood. The family was such a mystery that the neighbors didn’t know their first names until news of a horrific tragedy of what happened to them would be plastered all over the media.

Bever memorial

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Oxygen - Killer Siblings S1E4 Bevers |Justia - Bever v State |YouTube - Michael Bever Interrogation |Oxygen - Robert Michael Bevers Stab Family |Twitter - @TallestTay 05.04.2018 | NY Post - Teen Found Guilty |Odd Murders and Mysteries - Bever Family Murders |KTUL - Evidence Related to Bever Family Murders Released |Public Radio Tulsa - Robert Bever Sentenced to Additional Life Sentences |News on 6 - Robert Bever tries to attack prison staff |

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