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Ep. 110 Fear & Section 490

Updated: Jun 27

In today’s episode, Alisha shares two of her favorite Patreon episodes. First up is “Fear”. Can everyone feel fear? What scientifically happens when you feel fear? Can you be scared to death? This is the case Mary Parnell whose life was cut short by a random turn of events that would quite literally leave her scared to death.

Next up, “Section 490”, the story of Manbir Kajila, Samandeep Gill and the importance of following protocol. When a newlywed couple is involved in a fender bender, the task of exchanging information becomes one of dodging bullets and what would have been a crash investigation becomes a murder investigation. The police work, or lack thereof, would end up determining the fate of the killer.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Larry Whitfield, photo from WCI12

Mary Parnell, photo from Greensboro News

Manbir Singh Kajla

Middle: Newlyweds Manbir and van Sanghera Kajla

Right: Samandeep Singh Gill

Photos from Facebook and CBC

Can’t get enough Murder in the Rain?

This episode aired as a Patreon exclusive. Murder in the Rain Patreon members of at least $5/mo, gain access to exclusive episodes, ad-free episodes, bonus content, and more.

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Fear Sources

Washington Post - Meet the woman who can't feel fear | ​​Britannica - Scared to Death | Cleveland Clinic - It's true we can be scared to death | - United States Supreme Court Affirms Bank Robber's Conviction

Section 490 Sources

BC Courts - CBC - Murder ihit search seizure police | PTC Network - 30 year old Samandeep Gill Arrested | The Province - 05.01.2011 Gunman's Victim | YouTube - BC Supreme Court Acquits | BC CB RCMP - Surrey RCMP Summary | CBC - Victim's Wife Witnessed Surrey Killing | Darpan Magazine - Police Charge and Arrest Samandeep Singh Gill

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