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Ep. 123 The Long Haul

Updated: Apr 24

There were so many active serial murderers in the Pacific Northwest and their often cross-jurisdictional crimes demanded the development of a system called HITS, designed to make connections between reported crimes, in order to better pinpoint suspects and make arrests. In 1991, this system made a match in Seattle, where HITS was based, to a murder in Portland, Oregon. This link would lead them to a man, who for years had worked the highways of the American West as a trucker, and possibly a serial killer.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

Scott William Cox also known as the "Oregon Trucker Killer"

Photos from MLT News, Oregon Live, Yamhill County

Linda Ramos-Moore missing since November 4th, 1990, remains found in 2022.

Photo from Yakima Herald

Tia Maria Hicks reported missing December 13, 1990. Tia's body was found in April of 1991 near the Silver Dollar Casino.

Photo from Fox13

Victoria Rhone found strangled to death inside a truck trailer in a Union Pacific train yard February 19, 1991.

Photo from Oregon Live

Reena Ann Brunson found dead in a Northeast Portland Safeway parking lot. She was stabbed once in the heart.

Photo from Oregon Live

Virginia Rambus last seen leaving her apartment on May 20, 1985.

Photo from Renton Reporter

Diane Robbins went missing 25 years ago to the day, June 18th, 1985.

Photo from KOMO news

Molly Purdin-Clary went missing in June of 1985. Her body was found in August on the side of a road in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest she had been beaten to death.

Photo from