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Ep. 125 Skin Glove

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

On February 18th, 1992, the decomposed body of a man was discovered in the waters near the Black River parkway in Cape Town, South Africa. As the area is rife with gang activity it was initially theorized that the man was yet another victim of gang gun violence, but they soon discovered he had a very unique wound; a crossbow through his head. Using a new technique to help identify the body, they were able to identify him as Victor Graham Chatburn from Kraaifontein, a northern suburb of Western Cape Town. As investigators dug into who could have killed the married father, a truly shocking story unfolded.

Episode Host: Emily Rowney

Left, Victor Graham Chatburn, Right, Louisa Chatburn

Photo from documentary "Crossbow Killer" on MagellanTV

Jennifer Chatburn, Graham's daughter.

Photo from documentary "Crossbow Killer" on MagellanTV

Crime Scene photos taken from still of the documentary "Crossbow Killer" on MagellanTV

Louisa Chatburn earning an award in prison

Photo from documentary "Crossbow Killer" on MagellanTV

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