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Ep. 126 First Them, Then Me

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Often we hear of mass shooters taking their lives in the wake of a rampage to avoid being killed by cops or going to jail. But far more often, instances of murder-suicide are intimate and personal. In this week’s case, we discuss the murders of Mitra Mehrabadi, James 'JJ' Hurtado, and Lisa Stevie Haynes and the deaths of Jim Morgan, Kenneth Valdez, Jason Huston, and Terry Daniel.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

Hermiston High School in Hermiston Oregon

Photo from Oregon Live

Left: Mitra Mehrabadi, photo from KATU News

Right: Jim Morgan, photo from KOIN News

Left two photos: James 'JJ' Hurtado, photos from Daily Mail and OregonLive

Middle: Kenneth Valdez, photo from OregonLive

Right: Jason Huston, photo from OregonLive

Lisa Haynes (left) and Terry Daniel Sr. (right)

Photo from Religious News Service

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Police investigate connection between co-workers' murder, suicide | Person shot to death in Northeast Portland office building | Man killed Lake Oswego woman in office then killed himself, detectives say | Wife: Liberty coworkers’ families were ‘friendly’ | Liberty Mutual Issues Statement Following Shooting at Oregon Office | shooting at portland office may be linked to nearby suicide | Police confirm man shot, killed co-worker and then committed suicide | Oregon police seek motive in mysterious murder-suicide. | Detectives believe deaths were a murder-suicide | Mitra Mehrabadi Murder: Why Did Jimmy Morgan Kill Mitra Mehrabadi? | Jimmy Alan Morgan obituary | Murder of Mitra Mehrabadi by friend and colleague Jimmy Morgan. | Homicides, gang-related killings are down in Portland for 2016 |Obituary for James 'JJ' Hurtado | What drives a man to kill a teen wrestler, a friend and himself? Hermiston still doesn't know | Missing Hermiston teen found murdered | Police Release Timeline of Aug. 18 Murder-Suicide | 2 coaches dead in apparent murder-suicide; teen's body found | Police: Ore. coach who killed 2, self had a large amount of pills | Jason Huston, James ‘JJ’ Hurtado & Kenneth Valdez: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know | Hermiston wins 10th straight title | Two Rivers Correctional Institution | 15 Best Things to Do in Hermiston, OR | 5A Wrestling Championship Qualifications | LEAGUE / SPECIAL DISTRICT MEET DIRECTOR INFORMATION | OSAA School Classifications and Districts | OSAA Rankings - FAQ. | Murder-suicide desperation prompts soul-searching in Oregon | Gladstone-area couple identified in Sunday night double-shooting | Milwaukie man survives suicide attempt, faces murder charge | Milwaukie couple's lives disintegrate into a fatal, violent act of desperation | Trial set for Milwaukie man charged in attempted murder-suicide | Double shooting leaves questions | Ailing couple's botched murder-suicide ends in manslaughter conviction | Murder-Suicide | Violence Policy Center | Domestic Murder-Suicide: A Compound Tragedy | CDC - Suicide and Self-Inflicted Injury | Men Who Murder Their Families: What the Research Tells Us | Oregon Violent Death Reporting System | CDC - About Underlying Cause of Death, 1999-2020 | The Wonderland Murders - S1E6 She Never Saw It Coming | 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

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