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Ep. 130 The Woodsman

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

In Oregon's Umpqua National Forest, three officers responded to a report of an unknown party firing on a trailblazing crew, and when they arrived at the hand-built creekside cabin of the man they believed responsible, their suspect's Winchester rifle rang out and one of the officers was shot in the head and killed instantly. The shooter- a nearly-seventy-year-old-recluse, trapper, and gold prospector- fled the scene and vanished into the wilds, moving around the vast search area like a phantom- invisible to his pursuers and seemingly impossible to capture. This is the story of George Baker Dunkin- The Woodsman.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

Philip B Lowd, photo from Oregon State Police Memorial

Left: George Baker Dunkin - photo from Medford Mail Tribune

Middle: Russell E. Maw - photo Medford Mail Tribune

Right: Dunkin's cabin - photo from Medford Mail Tribune

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