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Ep. 132 The System Failed Her

Updated: Jun 27

In the early morning hours of January 22nd, 2007 Karen Bodine’s body was discovered by a passerby at the entrance of a gravel pit in Rochester, Washington. Mere hours before, a police officer spoke to Karen and had the opportunity to make sure she got home safely to her family safely, but they didn’t. What happened to Karen Bodine? In this episode of Murder in the Rain, we sit down with Karlee Bodine to help us tell the story of her mother’s murder. We also get to hear from the new Thurston County Sheriff to learn just how he intends to deal with cases like Karen’s in the future.

Episode Host: Emily Rowney

Karen Bodine and her family photos courtesy of Karlee Bodine and the Justice for Karen Bodine Facebook page.

Images from the Justice for Karen Bodine Facebook Page, photos from Karlee Bodine (right)

To keep up with the Bodine family, you can follow the Justice for Karen Bodine Facebook page Justice for Karen Bodine

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