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Ep. 135 Intentional Torture

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The Portland metro area has always been the ‘quirky girl’ of American cities. We partake in anything usually deemed ‘weird’ or ‘out of the norm’, and we like it that way. However, that weirdness can often be perceived as a gateway to even more strange and, who knows, maybe even dangerous lifestyles. So, when a young mother in Gresham called 911 after being attacked, her life was dissected and detectives thought they may have uncovered the role the evil-doer played in her life. That role was of a pirate. Today, I’ll be telling you the story of Annastasia Hester of Gresham, Oregon, and how her killer was closer than detectives ever imagined.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Left: Angela McCraw and Matthew Hester

Right: Annastasia Hester and daughter Alice

Photo from KOIN

Left: Annastasia and Alice Hester

Right: Matthew, Annastasia, and Alice Hester

Photos from Dignity Memorial

Left: Matthew Hester

Right: Angela McCraw

Photos from Oregon Live and Oxygen

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