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Eps. 139/140/141 Runaway Train Parts 1,2, & 3

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Thirty years ago, a music video hit airwaves that changed how videos could be used for good. Soul Asylum’s choice to use photos of missing children as the backdrop to their song “Runaway Train” did in fact bring children home; in some cases heroically, in some, against the children’s will. Sadly, some were returned home, only to be laid to rest and others yet remain lost. For the next three episodes, I’ll be talking about the individual cases behind those faces and what the outcome was…if there is one available.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

People referenced in Part 1:

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Photos from The Charley Project and Wikipedia

Photos from The Morbid Library and The Charley Project

Jacob Scheierl

photos from The Sun and APM Reports

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Christopher Kerze

Photos from Wikipedia and NCMEC

People referenced in Part 2:

People referenced in Part 3:

Polly Klaas, The Polly Klaus Foundation

Richard Allen Davis, wikipedia

Tommy's missing poster, Little Boy Gone

Tommy's father Larry Gibson, True Crime Diva

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