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Ep. 143 The Ghost Cabin

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

The three trappers were missing for months before their bodies were found in the water beneath a rough hole chopped into the ice of a remote lake. Killed in an ambush, their mutilated bodies wove a tale of furious violence: two had been shot execution-style, one was beaten to death with a hammer, and all three had been raked with shotgun blasts. Committed 99 years ago this past January, and though a likely culprit has been identified, these murders, unfortunately, remain officially unsolved. Today, I'll tell you about Oregon's Lava Lake Trapper Murders, one of the most infamous killings in the history of the Pacific Northwest.

Photos from That Oregon Life

Photo from That Oregon Life

Photos from Bend Bulletin

Charles Hyde Kimzey, photos from

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