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Ep. 150 Strange and Unusual

Investigators worked outward from the location of the missing woman’s abandoned car, scouring a trail of digital footage. Her last known sighting was captured on a neighbor's home surveillance video. It shows Kassanndra driving off early on the morning she dropped out of contact. She was newly pregnant and scheduled that day for her first ultrasound appointment, which she missed. It was so out of character, her mother contacted the police and a search began. In a stroke of good fortune, a mass transit train line ran along the street where the car was found, and its dashcam captured a brief glimpse of a person walking from the vehicle. They wore black clothing, a brimmed hat, and blue latex gloves.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

Kassanndra Cantrell photos from KIRO, KOIN, FOX, KOMO, CBS

The home where Kassanndra was killed

Kassanndra's phone was discovered in the waters of the Puget Sound

A neighbor's security camera captured Kassanndra Cantrell's white Mazda leaving her neighborhood on the morning of Aug. 25, 2020, the day she went missing. Photo and caption from CBS

Colin Dudley, photos from CBS, Tacoma News Tribune, Fox, KIRO

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Superior Court of Washington for Pierce County - State v Colin Patrick Dudley | 48 HOURS Investigators follow a digital trail – and the man in the hat – to solve the murder of a pregnant Tacoma woman | "48 Hours" obtains never-before-seen footage of the mysterious killer known as the "Hat Man" | Body of missing pregnant woman found near cliff | Man accused of killing pregnant ex-girlfriend charged | 'She Would Have Been Such a Good Mom': Wash. Man Sentenced for Murdering Ex Because | She Was Pregnant | Disturbing twist behind 'gorgeous' $660,000 house for sale | Kassanndra Cantrell: Body of missing pregnant woman found in Pierce County; suspect arrested : r/Tacoma | A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allan Poe | Poetry Foundation | Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight | Rocky Horror (1975) - 4-MIN PLOT SUMMARY | Intimate Partner Violence Endangers Pregnant People and Their Infants - National Partnership for Women & Families. | Homicide is leading cause of death for pregnant women in US, data shows - ABC News | How to DM | Dungeons & Dragon | Obituary for Kassanndra Marie Cantrell | Weeks' Dryer Mortuary | Pierce County man pleads guilty to killing pregnant ex-girlfriend in 2020 – KIRO 7 News Seattle | Deaths in pregnant or recently pregnant women have risen, especially for unrelated causes such as drug poisoning and homicide | CNN | Kassanndra Marie “Kasey” Cantrell (1987-2020) - Find a Grave Memorial | Rob's Store- Facebook | Family of murdered Parkland woman upset over alleged killer selling house – KIRO 7 News Seattle | Linxonline- Plea Deal | LINXOnline- Steve Statement | Kasey Tribute Video | GoFundMe- Memorial Bench

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