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Ep. 152 Welcome to Pinellas Park

In this week's episode of Murder in the Rain, we have a special feature from our Patreon series, "Welcome to…," where we delve into a case from the hometown of one of our Patreon listeners.

Love, a powerful emotion capable of inspiring boundless devotion, took a deadly turn in the summer of 2003. Sandee Rozzo, a bartender from Pinellas Park, FL, fell victim to the dark side of love when she was brutally murdered in her home. Join us as we dive into Sandee’s story and how love, obsession, devotion, and control ultimately took her life.

Episode Host: Emily Rowney

Sandra "Sandee" Rozzo, photos from Findagrave

Photos from Kill For Me by M. William Phelps

Tracey Humphrey, photos from The Mirror

Ashley Humphrey, photos from Oxygen, Piers Morgan, IMDB

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