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Ep. 154 & 155 Little Parts 1 & 2

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

A turn of luck had led the Cowden family to the Carberry Creek area for a last-minute camping trip. The young family of four were delighted to have the time to indulge in the stunning nature Jackson County offered them. They didn’t have big plans; they were just excited to have time with their two young children to fish and to swim. The cherry on top was the plan of wrapping up the weekend with a dinner at Mrs. Cowden’s mother’s home. For unknown reasons, the family never showed up for that meal. Now, 50 years later, their case remains mostly unsolved, although an early parolee has always held the most suspicion as being the person responsible for what happened to the young family. Today, I’ll be telling you the story of The Cowden family: Richard, Belinda, David and Melissa, and how Dwain Lee Little may be their killer.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Little - Part 1

Last week, I told you the story of the Cowden Family and how Richard, Belinda, David, and Melissa seemed to have vanished while camping near Carberry Creek Road over the Labor Day weekend of 1974. Over 7 months later, their skeletal remains were discovered- Belinda and the children in a cave- Richard, tied to a tree. With very little to go on, police began looking into local men who would have, not only known the area well but could have been capable of such a monstrous act. It was when they read Dwain Lee Little’s name on the list of recently paroled prisoners the hair on their neck stood up and they felt they might have found the first person of interest. Today, I’ll be telling you about the crimes Dwain committed that landed him in prison, how he came to be released so early, and the harm he was able to commit as a free man. Was he the killer of the Cowden family? Only Dwain and the Cowdens know.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Little Part 2 - "She Rode Alone"

Part 1 Photos

Row 1: Richard and Belinda

Row 2: Family picnic (left), Melissa and David (right)

Row 3: Belinda and Melissa (left), Droopy at the campsite (right)

Photos from

Part 2 Images

Top Row: Bruced D Little (left), The Olympian, Orla Fay (middle), Springfield HS Yearbook photo, Newspaper clipping (right), The Olympian

Bottom Row: Dwain Lee Harden (left), The Olympian, Dwain Lee Little (middle), Listverse, Dwain Lee Little (right), Park Predators

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Sources Part 1

Sources Part 2

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