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Ep. 156 The Address Book

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

In 1998, when the body of a young girl washed up on the shore of the Columbia River in Warrenton, Oregon, it was easy to assume she was another vulnerable person drawn to the Astoria-Megler bridge to end her own life. But her body would tell another story. Authorities had to work quickly to identify her, her killer, and his motive. During the investigation a secret life was uncovered, one that abused and exploited children for years. In today’s case, we’ll discuss the murder of Heather Fraser and the monster who took her life and negatively impacted dozens of others.

Episode Host: Emily Rowney

Copy of police sketch, photo from Paula Zahn

Heather Fraser, photos from Findagrave, Paula Zahn, and Oregon Live

Martin Allen Johnson, photos from VINE, Washington County, and Oregon Live

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