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Ep. 157 The Shape of a Man

On a rainy night in September of 1946, Cora Rogers was going about her end-of-day duties. She worked alone, running a market and gas station in rural Greenleaf, Oregon. The lights went out inside much earlier than usual, and a curious neighbor walked over to check on Cora, but she did not answer. The neighbor returned home, figuring she had closed up early and gone to bed. She'd been killed at night and lay undiscovered until the following morning. Though police had the statements of many witnesses from the night of the murder, and a description of the likely killer was broadcast and printed in newspapers, the man simply walked away from the crime along a rural strip of highway blacktop. He has never been identified and the murder in Greenleaf remains unsolved

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

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Bloody Rogers' Murder Unsolved After Ten Years | Cora M. Rogers | Mrs. Cora Rogers | Rogers(Cora M.) | Miss Cora M Hutsinpiller in the U.S., City Directories, 1822-1995 | Curtis from loop (15th St) | Silent Murderer Lay Concealed Watching Victim in Greenleaf | Oregon Route 36 - Wikipedia. | U.S. Route 28 - Wikipedia | Lake Creek Covered Bridge - Eugene | Lake Creek (Nelson Mountain) Covered Bridge | | Travel History: How Americans Fell in Love With Taking Road Trips | Time | Death penalty | Executions in Oregon - 1815-1962 - DeathPenaltyUSA, the database of executions in the United States | More Dangerous Than Dynamite : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming | Rogers(Charles S.) | Charles Rogers Obituary | Cora M Hutsinpiller Rogers- Find A Grave. | Susan Rogers birth certificate | Cora M Rogers - Ancestry | Cora M Hutsinpiller in the Washington, U.S., County Marriages, 1855-2008 | Anna Almasie - Ancestry | Hon Fields in the Virginia, U.S., Birth Records, 1912-2015 | Pearl Martin - Find a Grave | Suspect Released in Greenleaf Murder | Eureka Wife Found Slain In Basement | Burglar Suspected In Woman's Slaying | Clear Accident Victim As Possible Suspect in Slaying of L.A. Man | Inspectors at Work on Eureka Murder Case. | State Continues to Probe Eureka Murder | New Family Here | More Than 200 Lane County Boys, Girls In Green Guard | From Greenleaf | At Greenleaf | Youths Charged With Thefts In School | At Greenleaf | Ye Smudge Pot | Greenleaf News | WEANER PIGS | Lane KOG Supply Stations LIsted | Greenleaf Notes | Notes of Greenleaf | Widow, Owner of Store, Slain | Unknown Assailant Slays | Woman in Greenleaf Store | County, State Men Hunt For Killer | Strangle Death Proves Puzzle | Woman Merchant Beaten to Death | Woman Slain In Her Oregon Village Store | Murder in Siuslaw County | Officers Press Murder Probe | Citizens Asked To Aid Search | Country-Wide Police Patrols | Police Seek Tosser Of Bloody Weapon | Officers Seek Woman's Killer | $500 Is Offered for Clues Leading To Greenleaf Murder Case Solution | Concise Summary Of All | Business Transacted By The County Court For November, 1946 | Greenleaf Murder Case Investigation Continues | Possible Clue In Murder Told | Police to Check Killing 'Admission' | State Police To Quiz Lane Slaying Suspect | Police Satisfied On Innocence | Country Gen. Store | STORE | Woman, 57, Clubbed to Death | Karnes Grilled On 4-Year-Old Greenleaf Case | Battle Over Jury Seating Expected As Karnes Trial Starts on Tuesday | Astoria Man Detained For Burglary, Assault | Brutal Murder Salem Woman Puzzles Police | Summary of the execution of Albert Karnes | Marriage Licenses | Mrs. Cecil Cozad Burned To Death | Several to Wed | Divorce Cases In Court | Cecil Cozad's Bride Died In Gasoline Fire | Confesses He Burned His Wife to Death 23 Years Ago in Decatur | Man Charged in First Wife's Death After Five Marriages | "Accidental" | Jury Fails To Indict Man Who Admitted He Caused Wife's Death | Mixed Up on Wives | Cecil Raymond Cozad | Cecil Raymond Cozad - Find a

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