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Ep. 159 Crime & Updates

In this week’s Murder in the Rain we’d like to offer a warm welcome to new friends from CrimeCon! We’re also giving some updates from cases we’ve recently shared as well as sharing some information about two local cases that many listeners have been asking about. First, Emily will provide the latest information we have on the potential Portland area serial killer who is tied to the murders of four women; Charity Perry, Kristin Smith, Ashley Real, and Bridget Webster. Next, Alisha shares the recent story around the death of Jaahnavi Kandula who was mocked by someone who was sworn to protect her.

Top: Bridget Webster (left) Kristin Smith (right)

Bottom: Ashley Real (left) Charity Perry (right)

Jesse Calhoun, photo from The Independent

Jaahnavi Kandula, photo from CNN

Daniel Auderer, photo from M9News

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