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Ep. 175 Yakama MMIW: Mysterious Deaths

In a recent Murder in the Rain episode, we discussed the missing women of the Yakama Nation in Washington. The huge reservation is home to rivers, wilderness and an uncountable number of dark corners for people to go missing from. This week, we will be sharing the mysterious deaths that have taken place in the same area; all women from the Yakama area who died in ways that either can’t be explained or appear to be possible homicides. As always, we ask that if you know anything about these cases- even the smallest detail- that you contact the local police agency. We’ve been told by another unsolved case that every time their story is shared publicly, they have received some sort of new tip and they are all helpful. So, if you know something, don’t hesitate! These are the mysterious deaths from the Yakama Reservation. 

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Echo Kay Littlewolf, photo Yakima Herald

Daisy Mae Tallman Heath, photos from CBS and

Alice Ida Looney, photo from Uncovered

Roland Jack Spencer III, photo from

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One year after meeting on missing women, mother still wonders about her daughter's death | The Vanished | | Remains found in 2008 identified as Daisy Mae Heath, a Yakama woman missing since 1987 | Lower Valley | | 'We just want to know what happened:' Questions remain in mysterious death of Yakama woman | The Vanished | | Statesman Journal- Dec 17 2001- 11 Deaths on Yakama Reservation Unsolved | The Spokesman-Review Nov 02 2023 'Like an Open Wound' | Statesman Journal May 21 2019 Oregon Joins Effort To Solve Crimes Against Native Women | Yakima Herald-Republic - May 30th 2021- Arrests Made in Native Woman's murder, but pain persists | Whitefoot family tree | Injuries and Violence Are Leading Causes of Death | Injury Center | CDC. | ‘The land cries out’: Family members of missing, murdered Indigenous people share stories | Kent Reporter | Family gathers to remember Daisy Mae Heath, who was reported missing in 1987 at age 29 | The Vanished | | Results of FBI Analysis of Reservation Deaths Announced | Fort Apache and Theodore Roosevelt School National Historic Landmark | Statesman Journal Dec 17 2001- 11 Deaths on Yakama Reservation Unsolved | I'm 3 years old,I'm missing,and I have a name.I'm Roland Jack Spencer III.Missing when I was 3 years old,1984.

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