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Ep. 192 Heat From The Bullet

A veteran police officer was retired from law enforcement as the result of post-traumatic stress after his involvement in what was once the worst mass shooting in the United States. The next year, after testifying against a fellow officer in a high-profile murder case, he and his family moved from California to a quiet town in Washington. Two years later, he would endure a home invasion that may have been revenge against a cop thought by some to be a rat. Though he’d been found hogtied and shot in the head, his credibility in the incident was doubted by former colleagues who believed he may have staged the incident himself. This is the unsolved mystery of Doyle Wheeler.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

Row 1: McDonalds 1984 Olympics ticket (Reddit), McDonalds 1984 Cup (Etsy), 1984 Massacre Scene (

Row 2: San Ysidro Massacre (The Los Angeles Times), Wheeler and Wife Bobbi (Spokane Chronicle)

Row 3: Doyle Wheeler injury (The Spokesman Review), Doyle Wheeler at press conference (Spokesman Review)

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