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Ep 193 Hells Canyon Redux

Being that May is Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, I wanted to share a story that would highlight violence against those in the AAPI community, then I remembered one of the first cases I covered, way back in September of 2019, The Hells Canyon Massacre. Since that time, the story has received more media coverage, and my research abilities have improved, so I wanted to revisit the case and share even more of the story of Hells Canyon and how it isn’t a hidden shadow in Oregon’s history, but rather a cornerstone to its racist foundation.  

Episode Host: Alisha Holland 

Row 1: Only article announcing the murders (Lewiston Teller), Haxeltine, M.M. (OPB)

Row 2: Hells Canyon near Baker, OR (OSU Library), Hells Canyon (OSU Library)

Row 3: Miners on Salmon River (Historical Museum at St Gertrude), Frank Vaughn (Oregonian)

Row 4: Sign at Chinese Massacre Cove (The Oregon Encyclopedia), Xinmin Liang (The Liang Family on Reddit)

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