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Ep 194 Crime & Updates 7

It’s the Murder in the Rain update episode! This is a time for us to give you updates on the cases we cover, share notable news stories and more! This week, you can expect to hear…

  • Patreon Shoutouts! 

  • Murder in the Rains upcoming events, goings-on, and where to find us

  • Update on Seattle Police Department changes 

  • Update on the accused Oregon serial killer case

  • Update on the officers in the Manny Ellis case

  • News: Lake Oswego dad drugs girls at sleepover

  • News: Yakima, WA rooster killings

  • News: Reedsport, OR salmon poaching

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Join us this year at True Crime Fest Northwest in Portland, Oregon from August 30th through Sept 1st. You can get your tickets at! Use promo code RAIN10 for 10% off your tickets.

Adrian Diaz is out as Seattle PD Chief and Sue Rahr is in as interim Chief

Accused serial killer Jesse Calhoun, photos from Newsweek and KATU

Police officers in Manny Ellis Case, photo Fox 13

Michael Meyden, photos from Oregon Live and Daily Mail

Photo from Fox 13

Dead juvenile fish in Reedsport, photo KLCC

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Officer hired as sheriff’s deputy despite involvement in fatal Manuel Ellis arrest resigns | The | Seattle Times | WA cockfighting roosters set for sanctuary, shot and killed | Ex-Tacoma cop acquitted in Manuel Ellis’ death plans defamation suit | The Seattle Times | Violent prison gang accused of running cockfighting ring in eastern Washington | KPTV - Lake Oswego Dad Accused |  KPTV - Oregon Dad Accused 500k bond | Oregon Live - Lake Oswego Dad | DailyMail - Michael Meyden | Death Penalty Info - Gov Kate Brown. | Oregon man charged after allegedly using bleach to kill 18,000 juvenile salmon at Reedsport hatchery - OPB | Vandal poisons thousands of young salmon at Oregon hatchery| About – Gardiner Reedsport Winchester Bay STEP | Salmon killed at Oregon hatchery | Man accused of pouring bleach into Oregon hatchery tank, killing nearly 18K young salmon | 20,000 salmon smolts killed after break-in at hatchery | ‘Senseless’ Vandal Poisons Oregon Fish Hatchery, Killing 18,000 Salmon with Liquid Bleach | Oregon man accused of killing 18,000 young salmon fails to make court appearance - OPB | 

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