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Ep 195 Cold-blooded, Calculated, Murder?

In today’s case we explore a real whodunit in a little unincorporated community in Jackson county called Applegate, Oregon. In 2016 a shocking crime would take place on a local ranch and leave folks reeling when they learned that their little community could be the backdrop for a soon to be infamous crime.

Episode Host: Emily Rowney

Shane Moore, photo from Oxygen

Aisling "Tucker" Moore Reed, photos from Chiefs Assurances, Wikidata, Oxygen, and IMDb

Amber House authors Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed, and Kelly Moore, photos from Pinterest and Amazon

Tucker Moore Reed aka Wyn Reed in the From the Dark Trailer.

Cell phone footage taken on Aisling Tucker Moore Reed's cellphone, The Oregonian

Ainsling Tucker Moore-Reed Inmate information, photo from Oregon Offender Search

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