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Ep 196 A Liar And A Dreamer

Black powder dynamite is both efficient and hazardous. Its general commercial use is to clear land of large debris like boulders and tree stumps. Though it has only 20 to 30 percent of the explosive power of full nitro dynamite, if that power is multiplied and applied to a human body, the effect is devastating. 

April 21, 1955, was the last day of Oliver Smith's life. Twelve sticks of black powder explosive had been bound with black tape and mounted to the underside of the driver's seat in Smith's 1952 Buick sedan. He'd been driving around Portland for two days, unaware of Death waiting beneath his seat cushion. Late that evening, Smith got into his car, turned the key, hit the starter switch, and died instantly in a blast that destroyed the vehicle and obliterated the 35-year-old attorney and new husband.

Episode Host: Josh McCullough

Marjorie Smith and Kerm Smith, photo from Ancestry

Left: Smith Home Swingset, photo from Oregonian

Middle: Detective Ed Fuller, photo from Oregonian

Right: Smith Home Garage, photo from Oregonian

Left: Chief Dick Inspects Smith Car Wreckage, photo from Oregonian

Right: Oliver "Kerm" Car Wreckage, photo from OHS Digital Collection

Row 1 Left: Victor Laurence Wolf, photo from The Oregonian, Middle: Marjorie Smith, photo from Press and Sun Bulletin, Right: Marjorie Smith's Jury, photo from Oregon Journal

Row 2 Left: Majorie Smith and Bruce Spaulding, photo from The Oregonian, Middle: Virgil Crum and Mrs. Ellen Hightower, photo from The Oregonian, Right: Pussywillow Limbs Fit, The Oregonian

Row 3 Left: Pussywillows Possible Link, photo from The Oregonian, Right: Victor Wolf in Judge Chambers, photo from The Oregonian

Row 4 Left: Artist sketch of courtroom, photo from Oregon Journal, Right: Marjorie Smith Acquitted, photo from The Oregonian

Row 5 Left: Moments after Majorie Acquittal, photo from Oregon Journal Right: Marjorie Smith at Custody Hearing, photo from The Coos Bay Times

Row 6 Right: Ellen Hightower, Susan Smith, Marjorie Smith, photo from The Oregonian

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