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Ep 197/198 Satan's Son Parts 1 & 2

Updated: Jul 1

Starting in March 1983 and through June 1993, someone was killing young, black women and girls in North Portland. The victims weren’t acknowledged with much more than a blip in the paper. The killer wasn’t making the headlines as bombastic Ted Bundy was. He wasn’t prolific enough to warrant a task force like Gary Ridgway. He was a mentally ill man with an extensive criminal history, unmanageable addictions, and no memory of what he may have done. Today’s story isn’t about that man. It’s about his four confirmed victims, and his possible other victims. Next week, I’ll be sharing the story of the subsequent arrest, charges and jail time given to the man police felt could have been responsible for up to 25 murders and how once he was found guilty, his sentence left the family members of victims appalled. 

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Last week, I told the stories of eight, young Black women trafficked into sex work. All had been murdered in and around North Portland. These cases were presented to the Green River Task Force when no suspects emerged during initial investigations. It was found that none of the murders were connected to Gary Ridgway. Years later, the state would claim five of the women were connected to the same culprit. Today, I’ll detail how police eventually tracked down and arrested a man for four of the murders, employed flimsy-at-best DNA evidence, and how the law presented a generous and underhanded plea deal, which left some wondering if the closure of 4 unsolved cold cases was motivated by a district attorney’s election rather than justice.

Episode Host: Alisha Holland

Row 1 Left and Middle, Essie Jackson, photos from Jackson Highschool yearbook and PPB, right Tonja Nannette Harry, PPB

Row 2 Left Angela Anderson PPB, right Lawuauna Triplet

Bodies found (Lotagna Lee Watts and Lawaunda Janelle Triplet), Google Maps

Row 1: (Left) Dondra Lawson (Angela Anderson’s sister),The Oregonian, (Right) Mary Anderson (Angela’s Mother) -Beth Nakamura/StaffThe Oregonian

Row 2: (Left0 The sketch of the suspect from Angela Anderson’s murder, The Oregonian, (Right) Rachel Triplet holds an image of her cousin, Lawauna Triplet- Beth Nakamura/Staff, The Oregonian

Homer Jackson Mugshots, Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office

Homer Jackson being sentenced, The Oregonian

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