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Episode 30: Nightmare Year

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

In 1967 Dick Kitchel disappeared after a party. Days later his battered body was found floating in the Willamette river by two young boys. 50 years later the case is still open and justice has never been served. New York Times best selling author Rebecca Morris joins Murder in the Rain to talk about her book A Murder in My Hometown the story of the murder of her classmate Dick Kitchel, the impact its had on her life, her classmates lives, and a small Oregon town. The graduating class of 1968 truly understood what Lydon Johnson would describe as a "Nightmare Year".

Special Thanks to Rebecca Morris!

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Rebecca Morris - A Murder in My Hometown | Gazette-Times - Missing Youth Being Sought 10.20.1967 | Gazette-Times - Kitchel Funeral Scheduled Tuesday 10.23.1967 | Statesman Journal - Lie Detector Test Due Friends of Kitchel 10.24.1967 | Statesman Journal - 3 Take Lie Detector Test 10.25.1967 | Gazette-Times - More Queries, But No Answer in Kitchel Case 10.31.1967 | Gazette-Times - Corvallis Native Writes Book About 1967 Unsolved Murder | The Oregon Encyclopedia - Corvallis

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