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Episode 46 The Beginning to Her End

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

In today’s case, Emily will talk about how childhood bullying can be more dangerous than hurt feelings and tears. The impact of bullying stretches from depression and anxiety, to alcohol and drug abuse, and in some cases, the trauma is too much to come back from. This is one of those stories; how a teenage decision to get a little bit of revenge impacts an entire community. This is the story of Reena Virk and how a group of peers lured her out and attacked her.

A teenage Reena Virk (photo courtesy of CBC)

Reena with her father Manjit

Photos courtesy of Vancouver Sun, Press Reader, and Tumblr

Manjit and Suman Virk (photo courtesy of Saanich News)

Teenage Warren Glowatski

Convicted of murder in the second degree

Kelly Ellard, convicted of murder in the second degree

Photos courtesy of Vancouver Sun, The Globe and Mail, and Twitter

This week’s promo is from The Shattered Window.

The creators of Morbidology and CrimeLapse come together to bring you this new podcast series that dives into the unsolved murder of Jaclyn Dowaliby.

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The featured reading for today's case was Under the Bridge by Rebecca Godfrey

The featured reading for today's case was...

Under the Bridge by Rebecca Godfrey

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