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Episode 82: 4 Hours

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Many deaths are shrouded in mystery with loved ones going entire lifetimes without ever knowing the truth. A woman in Alabama is working diligently with her family to ensure that her sister’s mysterious death doesn’t remain uninvestigated. When Breana Noojin Nix, a 32-year-old nurse, was found unresponsive in her bathroom by her husband of 9 years, a secret life that no one expected was uncovered. After paramedics couldn’t revive her, her death was quickly ruled accidental, but many people believe that is not the case and that a murder was being covered up. What really happened in the last 4 hours of Breana’s life?

Breana Noojin Nix

Breana and her husband Steven Nix (Courtesy of Facebook)

Evidence presented to Breana's family (courtesy of Facebook and Instagram)

Steven and his new girlfriend and the necklace that belonged to Breana

Breana's grave, and yes, Steven bought the plot next to her.

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