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Ep Crime & Updates 8

It’s the Murder in the Rain update episode! This is a time for us to give you updates on the cases we cover, share notable news stories and more! This week, you can expect to hear…

  • Update on Oregon’s accused serial killer Jesse Calhoun

  • Update on Alaska’s memory card killer Brian Steen Smith

  • Update on Lake Oswego dad Michael Meyden

  • Update on Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton

  • Update on Mia Zapata case

  • Summary of Olympic volleyball player Steven van de Velde and why the internet hates him

  • Update on Friend’s star  Matthew Perry’s death

Accused Oregon serial killer Jesse Calhoun, photos from photos from Newsweek and KATU

Alaska memory card killer Brian Steven Smith, photo from AP News

Lake Oswego father Michael Meyden, photos from Oregon Live and Daily Mail

Serial killer Robert Pickton, photo from CBC

Mia Zapata's murderer Jesus Mezquia, photo from Rolling Stone

Steven van de Velde, photos from BBC and The US Sun

Matthew Perry, photo from People

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Murder in the Rain Episode Crime & Updates 1 | Murder in the Rain Episode Crime & Updates 7 | USA Today - Oregon Man gets 2 years | USA Today - Oregon man gets 2 years | KPTV - Accused serial killer appears in court | OPB - Man pleads not guilty | Newsweek - Steven van de Velde | Wikipedia - Steven van de Velde | NY Times - Steven van de Velde Dutch Volleyball Olympics | KOLO TV - Matthew Perry Death | Deadline - Matthew Perry | Brian Steven Smith found guilty on all counts for the murder of 2 Native Alaska women - ABC News | Press Release - Brian Smith Convicted for Murders of Kathleen Jo Henry and Veronica | Abouchuk. | Federal Prosecutors seek revocation of convicted killers US citizenship | Petition · In Honour of Murdered and Disappeared Women: A Call To Preserve Evidence In Pickton Case - Canada · | Petition · In Honour of Murdered and Disappeared Women: A Call To Preserve Evidence In Pickton Case - Canada · | Inside the Robert Pickton case and why it still matters after the B.C. serial killer's death Forsaken: The Report of the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry - Executive Summary | RCMP draws ire of advocates | Mounties want to destroy evidence from Robert Pickton's farm. Should they be allowed? | National Chief Cindy Woodhouse Nepinak - Pink Shirt Day | Notorious serial killer who murdered over 20 women assaulted in prison, in life-threatening condition - CBS News | Canadian serial killer Robert Pickton dies aged 74 after prison assault | Canadian serial killer dies after prison assault | Robert Pickton stabbed with toothbrush and broken broom handle: victim's family | Inside the Robert Pickton case and why it still matters after the B.C. serial killer's death | BBC NEWS | Americas | 'Human meat' alert at pig farm | Robert Pickton cell video | Robert Pickton Case (Plain-Language Summary) | The Canadian Encyclopedia | Robert Pickton - Wikipedia | Killer Of Mia Zapata, Influential Seattle Punk Musician, Dies In Prison

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