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Episode 12: The Fat Theory

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

A young field worker is found dead after a party and altercation. This week, Alisha takes you through the death of a Ramiro Fidel and the trial of Santiago Ventura. While this case is burdened with sloppy police work, judgemental investigators and an unimaginably mishandled trial, you’ll soon learn how it changed Oregon’s legal system. You’ll also spiral with Alisha and Emily as they explore the now infamous, ‘Fat Theory’. 

Santiago Ventura Morales

Free and Sovereign State of Oaxaca

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What Becomes of the Resurrected? 

Peter Carlin

Meet the Exonerees

The Oregon Innocence Project

Bobbin Singh

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3 commenti

23 giu 2021

Emily and Alisha I am a new listener to your podcast and have loved every episode you have done so far. I am a Mexican immigrant studying criminal justice in this great country I call home. So far, I have heard 24 of your episodes and my family and friends and beyond excited to hear all of them and more. I had never heard the story of Mr. Santiago and this has been the episode that has made me tear up the most. Thank you for bringing light to this story and keep up the great work.

Mi piace

Sorry to hear that naynay. We aren’t aiming to hide our opinions, so we understand that we may say something that could rub someone the wrong way or spur a feeling of alienation. I will say this, we don’t always get political, so no one will blame you if you stick around as a listener :) we have lots in store and would hate for you to miss it based on a single paragraph in an episode!

Mi piace

Sadly, this will be my last day listening to your podcast. I really liked it & recommended it to fellow true crime lovers too. Your comment about "the dumpster fire that is our current Administration" really turned me off. I don't listen to your podcast to hear ANYTHING about politics. I listen to true crime as an "escape" from the current hostile climate that is the state of politics in our country. It's fine if you don't agree with the POTUS, but we as listeners don't come here to hear what you think about politics. Good luck with your podcast. You just lost a loyal listener.

Mi piace
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