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Episode 13: Help Me

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Two children were pulled from the dark treacherous waters of the Willamette River just after midnight. How did they get there? Did they go swimming? Did they fall off a boat? Or were they thrown into the water? Join Emily and Alisha while they explore what happened that night and the heartbreaking case that left a broken family even more shattered and a city mourning the short life of an innocent child.

Amanda Stott-Smith, Courtesy of Multinomah County

Eldon and Trinity Smith, Courtesy of Willamette Weekly

Sketch of Eldon Smith, courtesy of Sabrina Trembley and To The Bridge

Jason and Trinity Smith, photo courtesy of YouTube

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To The Bridge

Nancy Rommelmann

Little A, New York Publishing

Philip J. Resnick

John Killen

Noelle Crombie

Randy Rasmussen

Mary Hudetz

Greg Bolt

KATU Staff


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