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Episode 29: Forensic Files

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

The murders of teenage lovebirds. Familial DNA. Bombshells from the defense. Exclusive Forensic Files details. All that and bloopers in today’s episode!

30 years ago, a young couple left Canada to run an errand in Washington. They would never return home. This week, Alisha tells the story of Jay Cook and Tanya Van Cuylenborg and how their murders made headlines in the world of DNA cases. We’ll also speak with Rachel Forde, the public defender assigned to the man accused of committing the crimes. What she has to say might just change your mind as to whether this is a closed case or not!

The forensics keep going as Alisha and Josh interview Nancy Duffy and Bill Camp, the executive producer and narrator, respectively, for the new Forensic Files II on HLN. Learn all about their process in telling the stories we all love and how they are bringing Forensic Files into the 21st century!

Tanya and Jay
Lettre sent to Jay's family
Jay and Tanya posing with Jay's father's van
Snapshot DNA Phenotyping vs Talbott

William Ear Talbott II

Episode Guests

Rachel Forde

Snohomish Country Superior Court

Bill Camp

Narrator, Forensic Files II

Nancy Duffy

Producer, Forensic Files II

Donation Opportunities:

Snohomish Country Public Defender Assciation

Northwest Community Bail Fund

FB @NorthwestBailFund

Twitter @NWComBailFund

Global News: BC Couple Murder Cold Case | Youtube - Is Murder in Your DNA? | Youtube - W5 When DNA Tests Reveal a Hidden History | Seattle Weekly -Life in Prison for 1987 Killer of Young Couple|Herald - Author of Taunting Letters Found but Cleared of 1987 Murder | - Jay Cook Tanya Van Cuylenborg Cold| CaseHerald - Unsealed Record Suggests Talbott Left DNA on Zip Tie | Unsolved mysteries - Season 2 episode 5

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