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Episode 31: Crater and Blue

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to grab your swimsuit and head to the nearest lake to play and relax. Today’s cases focus on the darker side of bodies of water. From Crater lake, where there have been unusual plane crashes and missing boys, to two murders of women named Tiffany at Blue Lake Park, Alisha will be sharing four cases; three of which are unsolved. 

This episode of Murder in the Rain will feature two interviews; Mike Peyton who worked at Crater Lake and Jennifer Jenks, the older sister of Tiffany Jenks, one of the women found murdered in Blue Lake Park. Mike will tell us about his experience during the search of one of the young missing men. Jennifer paints us a picture of who Tiffany was growing up, into adulthood, and how her family copes with being victims of such a horrendous crime.

Crater Lake in days of yore
Crater Lake Today
Blue Lake Park
Left: Jennifer Jenks, Right: Tiffany Jenks
Tiffany with her late father, photo courtesy of Facebook

Tiffany Bettis

SPECIAL THANKS to Mike Peyton and Jennifer Jenks for taking time to discuss their experiences with us.

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Interview - Mike Peyton 04.18.20

Interview - Jennifer Jenks 04.18.20

Missing 411 Documentary - Directors Benjamin Paulides and Michael DeGrazier

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