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Episode 32: The Constant

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

On the afternoon of March 11th, 1987, Kimberley Kersey walked home from school like she had done many times before, but this time, she would never be seen again. Today, Emily will talk about the mysterious and frustrating case of Kimberly Kersey, the suspects police looked at, and she might even share a suspect of her own. Joining us on the episode are Kimberley’s sister Kristen Kersey and former detective Lindsay Arnold to help understand what could have happened to Kim. 

18 year old Kimberley "Kim" Kersey

Kimberley's original missing poster
Map of Kim's path and alternate options, photo curtesy of Redditor osskjc
Search and rescue and on the far right are father Ed and brother Marc, photo curtesy of KOIN
Father Ed Kersey, photo courtesy of KOIN News
Sister Kristen Kersey, photo courtesy of KOIN News
Former Detective Lindsay (Schulz) Arnold
Alvin "Bud" H Brown

Three of the Four murdered victims. Left to Right: Kimberly Stevens, Melina Crist, and Norene Davis. Not pictured: Sheila Burnette

Updated missing poster with age progression

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Interview with Lindsay Arnold 04.26.2020

Interview with Kristen Kersey 05.11.2020

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Beth Pfenning
Beth Pfenning
Jul 04, 2023

I went to high school with Kim. I’d like to listen to this episode but I can’t find it.

One thing is that the routes above have issues. The map shows her walking out the front of the school and walking on the road. She would not have done that. She would have cut through the soccer field and entered through the pass-through onto Park Crest much closer to Mill Plain and cutting a chunk of time off. Additionally, if she had taken the other options besides Hearthwood Blvd, she could have shaved even more time as there were fields where there are now houses and apartments between Park Crest and 136th Avenue. Also, 1st Street was not there at…

Murder in the Rain
Murder in the Rain
Jul 05, 2023
Replying to

Thanks for your insights! The route she took was always a question for me because I was sure there had to be ways to make it faster. The map was definitely just to help visualize the distance and knowing there has been a ton of construction since then I assumed that there were fields she may have been able to cut through - I appreciate you outlining some of the possibilities!

I think about Kim often and I really do hope that some day this will be solved.

Here's how you can listen:[search_query]=constant

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