Episode 33: Before You Sits A Monster

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Alaska is a land of wild tundra, making it an ideal home for adventurers and hunters alike. In the early 1980’s, a hunter would become Alaska’s first known serial killer. Instead of the big game he was known for decorating his walls with, he turned his sight to the vulnerable population of sex workers and indegious women. Through the bravery of a survivor and the tenacity of detectives, Robert Hansen’s second trophy collection would be discovered as would his terrifying secrets. This is the case of the Butcher Baker. 

In today’s episode, Alisha as she walks us through the evidence that led to the Butcher Baker’s capture. Later, Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Joni Johnston joins MITR to discuss the pathology behind Robert’s behaviors and murders.

Robert Hansen otherwise known as "The Butcher Baker"

Hansen's creepy trophy room

Survivor Cindy Paulson

Map of the makeshift graves of Hansen's victims

Eklutna Annie physical and digital reconstruction

Sifting for clues, photo courtesy of


Robert Hansen victims (left to right, top to bottom): Unidentified "Eklutna Annie" found July 1980, Sherry Morrow Found September 1982, Paula Goulding found September 1983, Joanna Messina found July 1980, Sue Luna found April 1984, Tamara Pederson found April 1984, Angela Feddern 1984, Malai Larsen April 1984, Lisa Futrell found May 1984, Aundrea Altiery body not found, DeLynn Frey found April 1984, Teresa Watson found April 1984.

Thank you to Dr. Joni Johnston

See her on Oxygen's show Mark of a Killer


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