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Episode 35: Disproportionate

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Every state has had marching in the streets. It may feel overwhelming at times, but it feels equally promising that change is inevitable. Today we’ll be telling the story of Aaron Campbell, a young, black, unarmed man that was shot in the back and killed by Portland Police. How lack of training and communication cost him his life. How the officer fought to be put back on the force. And how that same officer claimed there was never another option. Additionally, Alisha will walk us through some of the statistics surrounding police brutality, why the Black Lives Matter movement should matter to everyone, and what you can do to help keep it moving forward. 

BLACK LIVES MATTER. For ideas on how you can help, or to donate to the cause, please visit

Kendra James killed by police in 2003 in Portland, Oregon.

Image courtesy of

Timothy Douglas (left) and Aaron Campbell (right)

Photo courtesy of

Aaron Campbell with child

Photo courtesy of

Officer Ronald Frashour, responsible for the death of Aaron Campbell

Photo courtesy of IG @awake_pdx

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I loved the podcast for it's true crime content, articulate storytelling, and the balancing of witty banter along with compassion for the victims, prior to this episode. I love the podcast now for all of the same reasons, along with the fact that you are all caring, compassionate humans, using your platform to spread awareness of the insidiousness of systemic racism and to show your support of the BLM movement. It is not missed that by expressing your views so openly your are taking the risk of losing listeners....but still you persist. KUDOS!


Murder in the Rain
Murder in the Rain
Jul 18, 2020

Hi @Beachcitiesrv1 ! We received your message but due to length of response, we responded via email as opposed to on the blog. Thank you!


Hi, I'm sure you probably won't read this but here goes. I have listened to everyone of your podcasts, many more than once. Incredible stories. And you 2 are incredible story tellers.

I'm a 55 year old white man with a 1/2 white, 1/2 Hispanic wife and 3 children. I listened to your last podcast and was so incredibly angry about what I heard. I am not racist and try and keep everything into perspective. Why oh why are we apologizing for being born white? For my white privilege? Did you not work hard to get to where you are? I know I did. I was addicted to drugs and alcohol before I was of legal age and had 3…

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