Episode 37: Negative Corpus

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Derrick and Roxanne Duehren were living their dream life just outside Portland, Oregon in 1996 until a mysterious fire in the garage would take her life and leave all eyes on her husband Derrick. 

In today’s episode Alisha will tell us the story of 34 year old Roxanne Duehren; how her murder, presumed to be a closed case, may leave some feeling a lack of justice. Emily will share a little bit about the history of fire science. As a special treat, MITR is joined by our delightful friends from the podcast Forensic Myles to discuss everything about this case!

Derrick and Roxanne Duehren Wedding,

Derrick and Roxanne in 1992,
Duehren residence,
Derrick Duehren facial scratches,