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Episode 38: Number 5

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

In a span of three months, dozens of crimes took place along the west coast’s Interstate Five.  What was seemingly multiple culprits committing burglary, rape, and murder turned out to be just one man. Law enforcement agencies worked together to share information and with the help of numerous witnesses they put together at least over 20 sketches of the face of a man dubbed the “I-5 Bandit”, a man who would eventually be known as the “I-5 Killer”.

Randall Woodfield football roster, (photo courtesy of sports illustrated)
Arrest booking '75 (photo courtesy of CBS Minnesota)
Arrest booking '81 (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)
#5, Randall Woodfield among Police Officers in a photo line up (photo credit
Randall Woofield Public Information (Courtesy of Oregon Department of Corrections)

Randall Woodfield Limited Edition Bug (photo courtesy of Murderpedia)
Letters from Randy to his victim Cherie Ayers (photo courtesy of Robert Beck and Sports Illustrated)
Victims left to right: Julie Reitz, Doug Altig, Darcey Fix (photo courtesy of KATU)

Victims Cherie Ayers (photo courtesy of
Graves of Donna Eckart and her daughter Janell Jarvis (photos courtesy of

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