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Episode 41: Non-unanimous

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Systemic racism might be a new term for a lot of people, but today we’re going to dive into the judicial side of it. In this episode, Alisha will hold our hands through Oregon’s historically racist laws, but this time it’s to celebrate their undoing! By revisiting the infamous murders of a couple caught up in the Portland mob, we’ll learn about racist roots as to why this law was created in the first place, the lives it affected for nearly a century and how its being overturned will continue to affect Oregonians that are in the appeal process.

Photo courtesy of Oregon Live
Photo courtesy of Oregon Live
The Studbaker believed to be involved - Photo courtesy of Off Beat Oregon
Photo courtesy of Oregon Live
Photo courtesy of Oregon Live

Olan Jermaine Williams - photo courtesy of The Oregonian/Oregon Live

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