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Episode 43: The Instititution

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

This Halloween brings you all treats, it’s no trick! In this week’s first of TWO all-new episodes, Alisha tells us tales from a few of Oregon’s mental health institutions. Not only stories of the abuse and horrors experienced by the clients, but in honor of Halloween, she’ll be sharing her own encounter with a possible ghost and other paranormal tales that seem to accompany these types of facilities.

Oregon State Hospital circa 1900 (photo from wikipedia)
The Fairview Training Center (photo from wikipedia)

This week’s promo is from Crimes & Consequences.

Join Talia and Tonya as they discuss the terrifying and gruesome details of some of the most fascinating cases from all over the world.

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That Oregon Life - The Fairview Training Center | Haunted Rooms - Haunted Places |

Oregon Live - Molly Daly Lost for Decades | Embryo - Oregon State Board Eugenics | OPB - Eugenics in the Shadow of Fairview | YouTube - Brother Seeking Sister | YouTube - Voices From Fairview | YouTube - In Our Care | PubMed - The Descriptive Epidemiology of Unnatural Deaths at Oregon State's Institutions | OPB - Coming Home Oregon Fairview | Jeff Dwyer- Ghost Hunter's Guide to Portland and the Oregon Coast

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