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Episode 48: Ice Cold

It’s the holiday season and many of us are celebrating with a Christmas tree and the promise of Santa’s visit. While this is normally a happy time for us all, it’s a time for great sadness for one family in Washington State. Ed and Minnie Maurin were a elderly couple who disappeared just before a Christmas party in 1985. Their murdered bodies would later be discovered and the entire town would be left asking what really happened to them. The case quickly grew cold and for over 30 years we were left wondering if anyone would be held accountable for their deaths. In the latest episode from Murder in the Rain we will share how one man bravely broke his silence and helped uncover a secret buried in this small town.

Dennis Hadaller holds his parent's image at their grave site (photo from Chronline)

The Maurin's green Chrysler found in the Yard Bird mall parking lot (photos from Cold Case Files)

Yard Bird Mall parking lot (photo from Snarky Girl)

Grandson Mike Hadaller (left), witness Jake Shriver (right) (photos from Facebook)

Rick Riffe (photo from
John "Greg" Riffe (photo from medium)
Rick Riffe (photo from mylifeofcrime)
Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfieldl holds mugshots of the Riffe brothers (Chronline)
Detective Bruce Kimsey (photo from Chronline)
Detective Kimsey hugs Dennis Hadaller at Riffe's conviction (photo from Chronline)

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