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Episode 49: Trunks

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Small, tight, confined spaces. Not many people like them and most of us have been feeling claustrophobic while stuck at home. One of those small places would be the final resting place for 4 women in the Portland area. It seems shocking and unexpected, especially for Portland, but many people end up having their bodies stuffed in the trunks of cars. In this episode, Murder in the Rain will share four stories about women who were taken, killed, and hidden in their own trunks.

Joquona Goggans (The Count), Joquona Goggans (Pamplin Media), Memorial for Joquona Goggans (Fox 12)

Joquona's killer Charvell Douglas (KOIN)

Sara Zghoul (Oregon Live, People, Mirror)

Sara's killer Jeremiah Johnston (KOIN)

Merrilee Cooley (Facebook, KOIN, KATU)

Marcine Herinck (Tumblr, KPTV, KGW)

Marcine's killer Timothy Joseph Mackley (OregonLive)

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