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Episode 59: Barbara

May is Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women awareness month. Today, I’ll be telling the story of 19 year old Barbara Whitesell; a teenager excited to start the next phase of her life whose only priorities were her friends and family. When Barbara’s body is discovered in a church’s field, those family members start to look at her friends as potential suspects. Was her friend responsible for her death or will new technology tell the truth of what happened that awful night? Find out in today’s episode, Barbara.

Barbara Jean Whitesell petting the family dog, photo courtesy of Anita Nez
Barbara Jean Whitesell, 1979, photo courtesy of Anita Nez
Barbra Jean Whitesell (Right), photo courtesy of Anita Nez
Barbara Whitesell's grave, photo courtesy of
Marcus William Blalock
Celilo Falls, photo courtesy of Yakima Herald
A MMIW mural, photo courtesy of Anita Nez
A MMIW mural, courtesy of Anita Nez

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