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Episode 64: X Marks The Spot

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Can livestock be the perfect coverup for murder and the TV tropes about pigs true? After a farm hand goes missing in southwestern Oregon the gruesome details around his “disappearance” begin to unfold. Is it possible that a female serial killer remained hidden in the farmland of the Rogue Valley avoiding detection and preying on the nomadic locals that helped her on her farm?

In today’s case we talk about the infamous Susan Monica and the details around her 2014 arrest for the murders of Robert Haney and Stephen Delicino, a story straight out of a crime novel. The question remains, were there more pieces of men buried in the ground of her quiet slice of farm paradise?

Susan Monica, photo courtesy of Oxygen
Susan Monica, photo courtesy of NY Daily news

Susan Monica (Right) and Lawyer at Jackson County Court, photo courtesy of USA Today
Robert Haney, photo courtesy of Snapped
Stephen Delicino, photo courtesy of Snapped
Blurred photo of Robert Haney's Leg bone, photo courtesy of Snapped
Grave of Stephen Delicino remains, photo courtesy of Snapped
Two of Susan Monica's Hogs, photo courtesy of Snapped

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