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Episode 66: The Backup Plan

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

Today’s case shows you how an average American family can have dark secrets behind closed doors. A couple once totally in love can turn on each other for lust or money, or to avoid the inconvenience that breaking up can inflict. What exactly can make some turn from committing to spending the rest of their life with someone to plotting to commit the murder of that same person? How can one person be totally in love only to find out the object of their affection wants them dead? This is the story of of Michael Christopher MacCallum; a son, a father, a husband, a fiance, and a victim of murder.

Chris and Patricia MacCallum the day he was murdered (photo courtesy of Deadline Crime)
Chris and Patricia on their Wedding Day (photo courtesy of Deadline Crime)

Applegate campground crime scene photos, courtesy of Deadline Crime (Left to right: crime scene tent, rolled up tent at bottom of cliff, rolled up tent being retrieved, medical examiner photo of rolled up ten)

News clip, photo courtesy of Deadline Crime

Chris and fiancé Samantha Adams (photo courtesy of Snapped)

William Roy "Huey" Huson (courtesy of Deadline Crime and KOBI 5) Photos left to right: Huey DMV photo, Huey and wife Susan, Huey's cab found after he went missing, Huey's body found dumped in field

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1 Comment

Amy Tidwell
Amy Tidwell
Sep 02, 2021

He does look so happy in the camping picture😥

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